Chelsea DeKruyff, MA, LPC

Online Meditation Group


 I currently run a number of meditation groups that meet over the Zoom video conferencing platform. The idea for that came from hearing over and over again from my clients that they benefited so much from the guided meditations I conducted in our sessions, but could not seem to sustain a meditation practice outside of the therapy room. Most people I spoke with said that they wished that there was a group they could join to guide and support an ongoing practice, but were unwilling (understandably so) to fight traffic and rearrange schedules to drive to my office in the mornings before work or during lunch hours, times they had hoped to insert a meditation practice. Having the group meet online means that traffic is no longer an issue, less time is required to set aside, and you can join from the convenience of any location you choose. You may also choose whether or not you would like to be seen, and some participants choose to disable the video feed or to point their cameras away from themselves. You are welcome to join in any format that is most comfortable for you.

Current meeting times offered:

Mondays 6:00am Central Time

Wednesdays 12:00pm Central Time

New meeting time become available as demand grows, so if these times don’t work for you, message me and I will let you know when a time that better suits your needs opens up.